Saturday, 29 March 2014

Baby Boom!!

I am so happy to announce that my sister gave birth yesterday to a healthy and beautiful baby girl. This baby is my first niece and I am over the moon with excitement and happiness!

I spent the day in Athens wandering around the corridors of IASO clinic waiting for the happy news. Our baby decided to make an appearance at 14.35pm, weighting 3.5kg and her star sign is Aries like her mum ;). Seems like her father is gonna have a tough job!!

Celebrating with flowers and macaroons!

As I am not gonna get enough of my niece this time around I am planning to come and see her again in May. I wish I could fast forward the time :)

Have a beautiful day!!

Helen xx


  1. Oh congrats ♥ so glad to hear this news ♥♥ . The baby baloon looks cute .

  2. Helen that is so sweet!!! You're going to make a great aunt!!! Somany soter is from my daughter's account Filakia Irene Georgilis

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  4. Congrats!! Sooo cute photos :)